First post in a while. Partly because this is an “adventures in dating” blog (ish) and about six months ago I found myself buried under my schoolwork to the point that I think by the time I go on a date again poor girl is going to hafta explain to me with diagrams how this all works (that or just get me drunk and put on some smooth jazz, I’m sure I’ll eventually figure it out).

My routine until about two weeks ago was pretty well: get up, study, lift, work , study,  (sometimes lift again) and sleep.
Suffice it I tore my schoolwork up this year , (for a working guy I’m stoked with an A minus average), and whilst I was mainly just lifting to burn off stress chemicals, my compound lifts are getting pretty sick also (acknowledging the absurdity of a sport that revolves around the picking up, and putting down of heavy things).

Since then I’ve picked up a little running (which immediately shat on all my major lifts, but I think will be good for me once my body develops a VO2 max suitable for the task) and have a pet project around some rental property to keep my brain from totally turning to mush in the academic off-season.

Had a birthday party at the Corner Store in November, which filled up the back bar with an eclectic (but oddly compatible) group. I hadn’t asked for presents  but two people gave me Haruki Murakami to read, and Mantis gave me a book about NZers in WW2 (which is a touching bury-the-hatchet gesture over our annual ANZAC day fight about early 20th century imperialism).


Next night Em’ took me out to Jervois steak house and fed me steak and claret and oysters, which is, let;s face it, all a man can ask for for a birthday weekend…

All in all the hardship is … bearable.



I have a playbuddy who’s head of marketing for a major airline . So when she comes to Auckland she’s being flown there by her coworkers, and will stay in the same hotel (usually the airline books out a whole floor).


Understandably she doesn’t want to get gossiped about at the water cooler, so if we plan to get together when she’s in town  she very discreetly leaves me a keycard at reception.

Occasionally she likes to yank me around by giving me wacky names to check in under. Last week she left me a key under the name Charles Xavier.


I wouldn’t say I was a geek-chic type , but I dig geek culture to get the reference and that afternoon I walk in to the front desk and ask “Key for Charles Xavier?”.

The concierge was obviously a bit of a comics geek herself because she said “Charles Xavier?”

“Worlds greatest psychic”.

Without so much as blinking she looks up:

“I knew you were going to say that”.



Last night I had the privilege to help a buddy of mine and his girlfriend get to the hospital to have their baby. Having your first child is scary (and their doctors had told them to expect some “complications”) but going into the hospital last night they both looked calm and ready, both wanting to be strong for each other.

It had been challenging for a lot of reasons, Tanya’s been pointed at being a mum for most of her adult life, but it came as a surprise to Josh, who’s had to “man up” and make some big life choices and some firm plans real fast (and stand up to some bullsh*t from his family along the way) .


Despite occasionally difficult circumstances J’s acted like a real mensch, never once flinched , never once let there be doubt that he’d have both their backs from now on.

Huge respect to both of them, and their beautiful wee daughter..


Go through a full Maai Hyoshi combat ninjutsu class tonight, first time in aaaages I’ve finished so strongly…

I put my improved endurance and athletic performance down to an ancient martial arts tool, more effective than meditation , more effective than visualisation, more effective than pure white hot determination to continue despite the odds…





Meeting with Lawyers for The Firm’s work on the Unitary Plan campaign.

Like all really really expensive offices every meeting is catered, this works okay when I’m on a lifting day, but catch me on a rest day when my body is desperately scavenging as much protein as it can find to rebuild… I’m like Wylie Coyote, daydreaming about anything my body can catabolise.

Start of the meeting: admin assistant brings in tray of sushi and herbal teas.

The Lawyers (apparently all environemtal lawyers are women) obligingly take one and begin talking about board meetings and district plans and Habeas Corpus (I assume)….

…lawyers debate law….

…Mike leans over the table and takes a sushi ..brain switches back on…

…lawyers debate law…

…Mike explains the science behind Nitrogen Dioxide discharge limits… then leans over the table and takes a sushi…brain switches back on…

..lawyers debate law…

…Mike explains why air shed limits can only apply to non miscible particulates….then leans over the table and takes a sushi …


We get halfway through the meeting and I’m giving the tray of tuna rolls f*** me eyes again.

BigLawFirm’s head of litigation catches me eye humping the sashimi platter and presses (I sweartagod) a button on her phone and 30 seconds later her admin assistant brings in a Mike-size plate of sashimi so I’ll stop interrupting the g*ddamn meeting in my quest for short chain amino acids…

You have to be a little impressed at a litigator that can tell intuitively when her client is on a bulking cycle and needs feeding so he’ll focus long enough to, y’know, actually make sense during  the meeting.