Unexpected sleepover last night.

This happened last year too, first cold snap of winter and all of a sudden the women in my life want nothing more that a great big bearded muthafcuka to cuddle.

Not that I’m complaining mind…


Got to hold my cousin’s 7 month old baby Chelsea today.

I’m sure that baby smell activates parts of the hindbrian and releases boatloads of dopamine. It’s like some neurological trigger saying to your evolutionary past “anything that smells like this – it’s your job to love and protect and nurture, so here, have a bunch of neurochemicals”.

Since, as it happens Fun With Neurochemistry is a hobby of mine I got to thinking, you could pretty well use that enforced dopamine dump (and associated RAS downregulation) to blow some post-hypnotic suggestions straight into a person’s subconscious.

I kinda dig on the idea of using Baby Adorableness as a force for good. No need to fiddle around with helping people find insight to their human condition, just ask them to hold the baby, wait for their pupils to dilate before whispering “you should quit smoking” or “go back to grad school”, or “buy me a chardonnay”.



From Mike Langlois (who I’m a bit of a fanboy of…

We live in a culture where people frequently worry about things, and in fact have ruminations that are intrusive.  Many people report feeling hijacked by their minds with worrying or intrusive thoughts.  And yet at the same time, few of us seem to mark our time and set it aside specifically for thinking.  We schedule appointments to do things, but thinking isn’t one of them.  We treat thinking, which is intangible, as if it can occur in the same space as doing other activities that are more observable and tangible.  And then we are surprised when our minds rebel and hijack our thinking with thoughts and feelings that come unbidden, when all along we have been failing to cultivate the practice of intentional, mindful thinking about things.


I find setting aside time regularly to think about stuff is hugely important and hugely centering.

For me this usually involves walking my Mountain, or going out to watch the sunrise on the west coast. Mike L hits the nail on the head here though, that without consciously choosing that reflection time, the brain has to shoe-horn that reflectiveness in somewhere.

Usually that place is somewhere less pleasant than under a Purriri tree by the ocean with a thermos full of coffee…


As a buddhist* I believe that all beings are part of a system, we are all part of one life-essence that chooses to experience (in one small part of one small universe) itself as separate beings. The illusion of separation is there so that we can all explore the experience of being separate to the rest of life, quite possibly as a unique way to see the rest of the cosmos, of which we are a part, with fresh eyes.

As a buddhist I believe I am here to love the love/s of my life intensely, because soon enough we will both dissolve back into the cosmos and return to being perspectives in the same imagination…

I’m not sure whether this is sad or not, but whatever it means, this cycle-of-birth-and-death is the only one which we have to fall in love and share a life together.




Awesome lift today.
All morning my body was craving protein, I hoed down two eggs, a plate of beans, a protonz shake, two (probably)beef patties and a cup of beef chilli… got to the gym and was immediately channeling 80’s era Bill Katzmeier, huge iso- weights, big complex movements, all with a sense of focus and aggression I haven;t felt in the gym in ages.

There are guys who lift to get big, but for me it’s almost like yoga. That feeling of enormous wellbeing , so great as to almost be a physical pleasure, through forcing that connection between body and mind (as the brain is forced to find and recruit extra muscular effort to the task).

Sifu Shwarzenegger talks about how when you’re in that zone, lifting can be the best feeling a man can have, and I agree with him.

Now all I need’s the moustache…